Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Petit Suisse - with fruit!

Hello everyone,

I hope your November is going swimmingly. I have been on a big yogurt kick recently and discovered that we have a fresh cheese available in the cheese department at Whole Foods Market in Los Altos that is very comparable to yogurt - Petite Suisse.

The picture quality isn't the best, but this is what the product looks like. We do not have the plain version, just the version with fruit added (strawberry, peach and raspberry respectively).

Cheese: Petit Suisse
Producer: MaĆ®tres Laitiers du Cotentin Cooperative
Location: Normandy, France
Milk: Pasteurized cow's milk
Rennet: None

This cheese is along the same lines of other fresh cheeses like Fromage Blanc and in this case, cream is added to up the fat content. This creates a wonderfully tasty, unctuous and filling treat. I tried to serve the Petit Suisse like this article ( recommended, but the cheese was a little too soft and ended up like this:

Regardless, it is a fantastic treat. It was first made in Normandy in 1850 when a Swiss employee at a dairy of Auvilliers near Beauvais suggested adding cream to the cured to enrich the flavor of the cheese. Petit Suisse was the result and it contains at least a 40% fat content. Many customers who are mothers like to give these to their kids because they have a slightly higher calorie content, but are still palatable to young children.

I like to indulge in the Petit Suisse because it's a nice little snack that holds me over until my next meal. If you're a fan of yogurt and want to try something a little different, swing by Whole Foods Market in Los Altos and try these little gems!

Until next time, eat, drink and be happy!