Monday, February 11, 2013

Seduced by St Marcellin

Another fun treat for your Valentine's Day is the St Marcellin. Because of its consistency and its ability to become a finger food, I find this cheese particularly seductive. Read on if you care to learn more...

Cheese: St Marcellin
Producers: 12 different creameries in Rhone Alps of France
Milk: Pasteurized cow's milk
Rennet: Traditional (animal)

The St Marcellin is only 3 ounces but there is a lot of flavor packed into it. In fact, it is so delicate that it must be kept in small terracotta pots in order to hold its shape.

When I dipped into the St Marcellin with a cracker, this is how the consistency was - simply divine. It is so gooey and lush I couldn't stop eating it! It's almost like dipping into a fondue, yet the cheese is room temperature and stays that runny. When you remove the plastic from the outside, you can start to smell the hints of barnyard and mushroom. But just like other more fragrant cheeses, when you taste it, it is a luscious, creamy, grassy sensation. When the weather warms up, I'm planning on taking this cheese and a nice bottle of Syrah with me for a picnic. But no matter the weather or the season this cheese should find its way to your next cheese plate or cheesy date! And if you're like me, this is the result...

So with that, I bid you all adieu. I hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day full of tasty, seductive cheese! Until next time, eat, drink and be happy!