Friday, April 5, 2013

Big Ed's Farm Style Gouda

Today I got to spend a lot of time behind the cheese counter cutting cheese (much to my delight!) and one of the cheeses that we received today was the Big Ed's Farm Style Gouda from Saxon Homestead Creamery in Cleveland, WI. Because I was able to visit Wisconsin and many creameries there last year, I have a soft spot for Wisconsin made cheeses. This wheel was particularly eye catching with its bright orange rind...

Cheese: Big Ed's
Producer: The Klessig and Heimerl Families at Saxon Homestead Creamery
Location: Cleveland, WI
Milk: Raw cow's milk
Rennet: Microbial (Vegetarian)

This cheese is the epitome of a table cheese. Firm, buttery, nutty, creamy, grassy with a touch of salt. I can definitely see this cheese being used in a variety of ways. My first thought is to put it in my next batch of macaroni and cheese that I make. The consistency is so smooth and creamy that it was make a luxurious mac and cheese...

The families at Saxon Homestead Creamery are super passionate about the quality of their products and the health and well being of their cows. Clicking through their website I could tell that this was more than a business to them, this was their passion and way of life. If you're interested in seeing a slide show on how they make cheese, they have a really cool set of pictures on their website located here: Check it out! It's pretty awesome.

As I just cut into the wheel today, the pieces I have in my case are super fresh and ready for the taking! The Big Ed's is on sale this month and really is such a versatile cheese that you will not have any trouble finding ways to use it. Come on by the counter and try a sample!

Until next time, eat, drink and be happy!