Thursday, August 29, 2013

Another CCP-Made Cheese! Grand Cru Original King Cuts

Hello everyone!

I figured I would continue with the CCP-made cheese theme and decided to talk about the Grand Cru Original King Cuts. My friend, Tiffany Cunningham, who is a CCP that works at the global offices of Whole Foods Market in Austin, TX, had the opportunity to make cheese at Emmi Roth in Monroe, WI. She specifically helped in the making of the King Cuts (along with other yummy Emmi Roth cheeses) which is super exciting because this cheese is only available at Whole Foods Market! Pretty cool right?

Cheese: Grand Cru Original King Cuts
Producer: Emmi Roth Kӓse
Location: Monroe, WI
Milk: Pasteurized cow's milk
Rennet: Microbial (vegetarian)

The Grand Cru Original is a cheese that is made in the style of Gruyere, the Alpine, washed rind cheese from Switzerland. It is super creamy, floral and nutty. Like Gruyere, this cheese is often used as a cooking cheese (think fondue, quiche, or soup), but I really like to feature it on my cheese plate as a cheese that everyone will like. It's very approachable yet still kinda fancy!

I especially love to pair Alpine style cheeses with charcuterie. Today I paired it with some tasty Calabrese salami. The fatty, saltiness of the meat goes perfectly with the rich, creamy Grand Cru Original.

Here are some pictures of Tiffany making the Grand Cru Original... Good work Tiffany, the cheese tastes amazing!

Tiffany cutting and stirring the curd

Here she is setting the molds for the wheels of Gruyere

Trimming up the Gruyere so it's nice and uniform

Tiffany babysitting the cheese as it sits in a brine solution

Gruyere getting ready to be aged!

Here she is washing the Gruyere with a brine solution

If this cheese is tempting your taste buds, be sure to swing by your local Whole Foods Market cheese counter and ask for a taste! You won't be disappointed. Until next time, eat, drink and be happy!!

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