Sunday, December 6, 2015

Tomme Fleur Verte

Well, it's been about a month since I blogged about a cheese I am excited about, so I figured I should probably do so today...

Today I want to talk about an old favorite that is usually highlighted during the springtime, but is currently on promotion at all of the Whole Foods Market cheese counters in Northern California, the Tomme Fleur Verte.

Cheese: Tomme Fleur Verte
Producer: Le Chèvrefeuille, S.A.
Location: Perigord, France
Milk: Pasteurized goat's milk
Rennet: Traditional (animal)

The name "Fleur Verte" means "green flower" and it is in reference to how the whole wheel of Tomme Fleur Verte is presented. It is a wheel with scalloped edges (like a flower) that is completely covered in dried herbs (green) and pink peppercorns. The herbs are mainly thyme, tarragon and savory. The picture shown above showcases the chalk white paste with the dried green herbs around the outside.

You will notice that I did not describe the outside edge of the Fleur Verte as a "rind". This is because the Fleur Verte is a rindless cheese that is only aged for four days before being wrapped for shipment. It is a very moist, flavorful cheese that is not over the top in the goat "barnyard" flavor because it is so young. The herbs along the outside are completely edible and add a nice touch to the creamy paste. They are the main reason why I featured this fresh goat cheese during the winter because the herbs just seem to fit during the holiday season. Many folks talk about gooey, melty cheeses or hearty cheddar or funky blues during the colder months, so I wanted to feature something a little different. 

I must admit that this was how much work station was right when I sat down to write this blog, but now that I'm wrapping up, the cheese is almost completely gone. It's so unbelievably tasty! When pairing a wine with this cheese, I would be sure to pick a wine that will play nicely with the cheese's acidity. My first instinct would be to pair a California Sauvignon Blanc with the Fleur Verte because they tend to have less of a mineral flavor and more of a fruit forward flavor which would balance out the tang of the Fleur Verte quite nicely. 

This cheese is available year round at our cheese counters at Whole Foods Market, so if you're not in a fresh goat cheese mood this month, be sure to get a taste when the weather warms up again. Until next time, eat, drink and be happy!