Thursday, July 10, 2014

Cotswold - America's Favorite British Cheese!

Good evening loyal readers!

I apologize for the absence - I enjoyed a nice vacation in Cancun with my sisters. Now I'm back to real life and that means more cheese! Today I decided to write about a staple cheese that almost every single cheese counter in most grocery stores carry - Cotswold.

Cheese: Cotswold
Producer: Long Clawson
Location: Leicestershire, England
Milk: Pasteurized cow's milk
Rennet: Vegetarian

Cotswold is Double Gloucester ( made with chives and onion. It was one of the first blends made by Clawson in the 1970s and is named after the picturesque region in England of the same name where the traditional villages have not changed in over 200 years.


Cotswold is by far one of the most popular cheeses that we carry at our cheese counters. Whenever I would sample this cheese out, people would go crazy for it! It is creamy and flavorful, similar to cheddar, but with an added zing of the chives and onions. You can eat it plain, melted over potatoes, grated on top of your chili or whatever you like! Cotswold is extremely versatile and just plain tasty. As it is considered a pub cheese, I recommend enjoying this cheese with a nice mug of beer.

You can find Cotswold in almost any grocery store - I know for a fact that all Whole Foods in the Northern California/Reno region carry it. Be sure to swing on by and ask for a sample! You'll be glad you did... Until next time, eat, drink and be happy!